High glass decopanel company

Introducing Kaj Nama Choob Company

Introduction to Kaj Nama Choob as High glass decopanel company

Kaj Nama Choob Company(High glass decopanel company) was established in 2007 with the approach of importing coatings for wood industry and also MDF products. This company started its activities with importing Finish Foil coatings from Turkey and China and after feeling the needs for high gloss PVC foil in Iran’s market, commenced importing this product from South Korea in 2011 

Following the policies of the country regarding resistive economy and also giving importance to domestic production, Kaj Nama Choob opened its factory in 2016. This factory is the result of field surveys and various researches and is located in Shahriar, Tehran. Kaj Nama Choob is using high-tech full-automatic machines for manufacturing high gloss MDF panels with the brand name of Decopanel. The daily production capacity of this factory is more than 5000 square meters of high gloss MDF panels and has created job for 25 individuals
The organizational goals of this company are presenting high-quality products to customers, honoring domestic production, competing with foreign manufacturers and removing the need for importing high gloss panels and consequently preventing currency outflow from our dear country, Iran. Kaj Nama Choob consistently tries to grow in this industry and hopes that it can has a role in the progress of the country with the help of the God and technical knowledge of its experts and young employers

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